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Enhance your website's ranking by optimizing its architecture with our top-notch Technical SEO Services.

Having a visually appealing website design and captivating content is crucial for converting visitors. However, without proper technical optimization, your search engine rankings may suffer. Factors like pagination and site architecture play a significant role in enabling Google crawlers to index your website and enhance its visibility in search results. At Big SEO, our skilled SEO experts conduct thorough audits to identify any technical issues present on your website.

Technical S E O

Technical SEO issues that may hinder your website ranking

Faulty Programming

Bad Internal Linking

Poor Site Navigation

Non Descriptive Anchor Text

Slow Page Load Speed

HTTPs Migration Errors

Do You Need A Website SEO Audit?

Concerned that your website may have technical SEO issues, but unsure how to identify them? Consider hiring a professional technical SEO service to conduct a comprehensive website SEO audit for you. Big SEO specializes in conducting in-depth analyses of your site’s search engine friendliness, ensuring optimal performance.

Are you looking for a comprehensive technical SEO site audit to uncover potential issues and optimize your website? Our team of skilled technical SEO specialists can provide you with the expertise you need. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your website’s performance and increase its visibility. Get in touch with us today!


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Frequent Questions

Is technical SEO important for my website?

Achieving a high ranking on Google isn't solely dependent on design, content, and keywords. Various technical aspects come into play. Failing to thoroughly analyze these technical components can result in sluggish performance in search engine rankings. By implementing effective technical SEO practices, your website can effortlessly ascend in Google's rankings, ensuring a seamless experience without any setbacks.

What if I don’t get a site audit? Will I still be able to rank my website?

The likelihood of improving your website's ranking on Google is contingent upon the technical soundness of your site. While content and keywords play a significant role, attention must also be given to various technical aspects. Websites that lack a comprehensive SEO audit are more prone to obstacles in achieving higher Google rankings compared to those that undergo optimization for SEO ranking.

Does site structure play a role in website SEO ranking?

Indeed, the structure of your website plays a crucial role in determining its Google rankings. It serves as a fundamental aspect of any effective SEO strategy. A well-organized website structure communicates to Google the significance of each page within your site. By implementing a proper structure, you can prioritize certain pages for higher rankings on Google. Conversely, a website with a disorganized structure lacks the potential to achieve top rankings on Google's search results page.

Does page load time affect SEO ranking?

Page load time plays a significant role in determining your SEO ranking. Websites that load slowly have a lower likelihood of appearing on relevant Google SERP for targeted keywords, in contrast to sites that load quickly. It is crucial to optimize your website's loading speed to improve its visibility and search engine performance.